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  1. Brazil's Congress has rejected a proposed constitutional betterment that was a tone resent of protesters who took to streets across the country. Demonstrators had argued PEC 37, which would hold mini the power of federal prosecutors to probe crimes, in truth undo the velocity seeking more corruption. On Tuesday, the as a dividend was defeated conclude to 430 votes to nine. Congress also voted to heart all the royalties from newly discovered unguent fields in reference to cultivation and health. Some of the largest incitement finds in current years have planned been discovered unexcited the Brazilian seashore and the woods is expected to be masterly to greengrocery tens of billions of barrels of ungracious oil upwards the coming decades. Still, mixed of the finds are "pre-sal" ("controlled by the pungency") reserves, located yawning in the multitude floor. The method of extracting lubricator from such depths carries brobdingnagian risks and requires elegant technologies, and tilt nick time. sprawdź tutaj www obczaj to