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  1. HI folks I've been absent for a while...illness then moved across the country... Hope to be back on here during the season... Hope our Boys do well this year.. it's gunna be a challenge but lets cheer them on and hope for the best !!
  2. ThankYou for your response.. makes sense and I hope you are right about Alfie. Have a Good Evening! What a win for the Sens !! Go Sens Go !
  3. Great 1st period.. Go Sens Go ! beat them pesky Habs ! a little confused about comments regarding Sens Bingo players.. it showed the list of players who will be playing in Bingo.. Lessard was not on it? am I mistaken that he's still eligible to play in Bingo? Is anyone else annoyed with that guy in the stripped shirt down in the lower section who stands up everytime the camera swings by? hope the ushers give him a stuff talking to.. been wondering about Alfie...if his back doesnt mend sufficently, would he not be ideal coaching material? 2nd period starts.. GO SENS GO !!!
  4. ThankYou GG...
  5. Sorry for all the questions... The game was poorly captioned so I could not follow it too well... Svatos was the victim of a high stick in the first period,and didnt return for the rest of the game. Is there any word on his condition? ThankYou..
  6. ThankYou for the responses..all of them..
  7. HI there (Been away for a while, due to long term illness) I am wondering why send Greening back down to Bingo when he was doing so well..why not send Lessard instead? Lessard doesnt do anything and just gets about 2 minutes of playing time per game.. In tonite's game, the Sens will win..for sure ! GO SENS GO !
  8. Keep up the Good Work Matt !
  9. ThankYou ! sure wish the "powers that be" wouldnt forget about us silent types.. oh well, back to the game...before I get booted for going off topic. Go Sens Go !
  10. my wife and I are staunch Sens fans and were pumped for today's game and it is not on only... and when ya cant hear worth diddly squat, that sucks Big time ! have to wait til we can read about it in tomorrow's newspaper.. GO Sens GO !
  11. All struggles and swiss cheese goaltending issues aside.. This year's version of the Sens is doing a heck of a lot better than last year's version at this time of year. The offense has gotta step up their goal production......but it will all come together real soon, you watch and see.. Give 'em hell tonight boys.....Go Sens Go !
  12. while I agree at times LeClaire seems like he has more holes than swiss cheese, I have to admit the defense corps also have more holes and at times if it wasnt for at least having a goalie in the net at all, the score would be much worse. So the Defense corps should be held equally accountable. It's easy to point fingers at the goalie because he's the more visiable player and the last line of defense.. so perhaps our crictisim is a little unfair?
  13. Thanks. it's cancer of the blood... Myleoma (sp??) we are told it is a hard one to beat.. she did get it into remission then it came back.. now this is the 2nd round of treatments..
  14. Thanks ! me too.. she's all I got left..besides my own family.