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  1. to be fair balcers didnt really start showing how good he can be until after boucher was let go. same with wolanin as for chabot white and tkachuk they would have progressed with a circus monkey opening the gate so i guess that leaves jaros. and even he looks better under crawford taking creativity out might not be the right way to say it. i guess he got the players too routined to a fault. i dont think boucher is a bad coach. i just think he is a very predictable coach and kther teams caught on and boucher did not adapt his system. in fact he punished young players who didnt adhere to it. there has been countless times a sens player could recover a puck but didnt because that would bring them out of their zone defense they were trained tk play. the break out was the same every time. every time. the pp only got more than 1 option in december of this year. until then it was just 1 play. the powerplay break was a complete joke with the drop pass to the point the opposing teams would just sit back there and not even worry about the dman potentially rushing it the entire way boucher has a shelf life. he comes in and brings a system no team plays and it works. then teams catch on and boucher doesnt adapt. then his players get fed up with losing and boucher loses the room then he is fired if you don't think dorion asked stone duchene or dzingel what they thought of boucher on the way out you are only fooling yourself. boucher didnt get a good review i can guarantee that. then dorion watched a game more closely and fired him the very next game
  2. you are guessing luckan carolina and Vancouver are only getting better rangers and kings will add via free agency because they are a desirsble draw edmonton will never be a bottom team as long as draisaitl and mcdavid. they are stuck in mediocrity colorado will not be worst than the sens columbus still has a solid team even if everyone walks florida had a terrible start to the year that is the only reason they arent in the playoffs now so that leaves detroit montreal and anaheim as potential worst teams than the sens. Anaheim will definitely not plan to suck because they are heading into a major rebuild soon and will try to compete until their aging core retires. Detroit is in the same boat as the sens and montreal still has price. so a top 2 pick is a very realistic possibility i really do not want crawford back as the coach next year. right now he is coaching with no pressure what so ever. its an easy job to coach the sens right now
  3. why would the senators be better next year? they were 2nd last with arguably the 2nd most talented roster they have ever assembled 2 years ago this year and they are dead last this yesr with 3 30 goal scorers. so you think a cap floor team that is 70% under 22 years old is going to not be last? while i agree the sens will be better. who is going to be worst than them? maybe the kings. but they wilm likely go after free agents this summer. the wings? which 3 - 9 are going to be worse than the sens next year?
  4. this is a stupid comment do you know how often a player has broken his hand on a helmet? its not a problem needed to be concerned about. why are you putting words in my mouth i never said fight on a regular basis. i said police themselves. take out the instigator and let the players handle things. you think jarome iginla was concerned about breaking a hand when he fought? players get more amped up watching iginla stick up for a teammate than all of ryan reaves fights combined riddick im aware of the alley oop plays that have been happening but that was not the goal of bouchers system it was to alieve pressure so players could get back into their zones. you can call it whatever you want but he engrained roles into players heads more than any other coach in the league. how many times has a sens dman chased a player into the corner only to let them have the puck so they were not caught out of position. that is coaching not player decision as for smith i guess you skipped the lindberg goal when you were writing this because he literally gets the puck at the sens blueline and skates it all the way down the ice leading to a goal. dont get me wrong there is tons of games to rip on smith. last night was not one of them
  5. the reason boucher got fired was because the team revolted on him trying to turn them into robots. the sens were the most predictable team in the nhl because of boucher. there are a lot of times smith can get thrown under the bus. but a night where he records 3 assists in a huge win for the sens does not seem like the right time. does he need to be better in his own zone. but so does every single forward and defensemen on the senators. and a lot of it has to do witn the system crawford is trying tk coach them away from that boucher implemented. the constant flipping of the puck out drives me insane
  6. this was the sens stanley cup. and they won it. beat the leafs to win the season series it is interesting to see the media slowly turning on the leafs. at the start of the year it was all about the powerhouse leafs now they are being questioned about their lack of defense. whichh is what every non leaf fan knew to begin with. the leafs are in trouble this year and moving forward back to the game. i think this might be the first game of the year where the sens got a solid effort from every player on the team luckan i agree with you about wolanin. i really hope the sens can keep him. he is getting more confident by the game and it was evident tonight with some of his decisions. i also think crawford is letting the players use their creativity and not be robots like boucher did. like i said above i hope his agent doesnt meddle with him being a 3rd pairing guy who gets pp time down in the ahl brannstrom had 3 points and brown had 2 and the shootout winner. there is definitely reasons to be excited about the direction this team is going
  7. luckan how did the batherson fight look live? i like the fact he jumped in for a team mate the nhl needs more of that from the high end guys. it would make players like boro or harpur irrelevant if the stars policed themselves lines at the mornjg skate today were tkachuk-pageau-veronneau balcers-tierney-paajarvi smith-lindberg-ryan duclair-gibbons-boedker white was not out there for the skate. but i woild imagine he replaces paajarvi if he does play wolanin-ceci harpur-demelo boro-jaros
  8. is wolanin going to get pp time with chabot and brannstrom in front of him and the sens preference to run 4 forwards. i would love for it to all work out even for a couple years but you got to thibk wolanins agent isnt a fan of these developments
  9. luckan i agree i hope wolanin stays. i just think it is going to be tough to keep him. him and his agent have to know he is behind chabot and brannstrom on the depth chart and likely wont maximize his earnings being a bottom pairing guy. on the right side the sens have jaros and JBD already. ideally they add a top end RHD next summer. they will have the picks and prospects to make that trade anyways lets keep this thread about the games. i agree about Saturday a win there would make the season series 2-1-0 for the sens against the leafs and that almost makes this a successful year
  10. what a weird game and boring game. but hey it is nice to see a win for a change veronneau looked really good and brannstrom looked like a player who is going to be very good one day. just by the way he thinks the game. not only in the offensive zone but the defensive zone as well. very patient with the puck that is a huge loss for the blues
  11. good catch luckan and i think you will have a good chance of seeing brannstrom on friday. he will only be up for the day i bet this is just a one off call up. he still might not even play tonight that is good news from dreger if that is true. it shows that chabot and tkachuk can see what is being built here and mcdavid probably called from edmonton and veronneau still chose ottawa.
  12. well brannstrom has been recalled and looks like he might play with boro sick today white is also out tonight lines are likely tkachuk-pageau-duclair balcers-tierney-ryan smith-lindberg-veronneau boedker-paajarvi-gibbons wolanin-ceci harpur-jaros brannstrom-demelo nilsson starts
  13. the sens are at 49 contracts and still need to sign daccord so i would not get my hopes up about signing another ncaa guy
  14. i dont hate this line up at all but the sens will definiteĺy need some hurt guys to get to the floor if thats what they are going with. but that line up also gets them 1st or 2nd overall in 2020 which is the goal
  15. i agree that karlsson and stone left because of contract structure forsure. but i think duchene truly left for hockey reasons the good news is there is going to be a lockout in a few years and that lockout is going to be over the signing bonus structure of contracts it will be completely removed as being an option. they will also put a limit on how much 2nd contracts can be for. two things that benefit the sens more than any other team for this rebuild