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  1. very boring game but the sens got completely screwed tonight. that puck was covered and gets blown down 99 times out of 100 some good news on the free agent front though. dreger said on the radio he would be completely shocked if stone isnt resigned and kypreos said dorion offered duchene 8 years 64 million. which is a great starting point offer i wonder if there is any coincidence factor that melnyk has brought a 3rd person into the rink negotiations and rumors of him selling a portion of the team and that the sens are likely going to be offering 100s of millions of dollars in contracts in the next couple weeks
  2. patrick, konecny, provarov, frost, sanheim.would be the guys i would target but if the flyers are dealing i bet its to shake things up big time. there is rumors giroux is available
  3. i agree about the d. if the sens can add a stud right handed dman. whether its a trade piece that comes back in the inevitable trades coming. they will be set forsure i think demelo is a great place filler on the right side until JBD or the piece acquired are ready to be a regular as for nilsson i think the sens will sign him. ideally a 1 year deal but i dont think it would be the worst thing to sign him to a 2 year deal at 2 million per year or less. he is a very tradeable goalie at any time on a deal like that but he gives the sens some insurance in case hogberg or gustavsson need another year once anderson is done as for daccord i hope the sens offer him a deal this year. otherwise he becomes a free agent. problem is if he signs he cannot finish his last year with arizona state. but sens need to add him. you can never have too many goalie prospects.
  4. sens win in carolina. something that never happens. the team looked very good for the first two periods. then boucher had them sit back. the problem is it worked this time and is just going to give him confidence to do it again next time they have a lead the Nilsson trade migt be dorions best ever i dont know what has got into Bobby ryan but hopefully he plays like this for the rest of hos contract
  5. i would give nilsson the game tonight and anderson the game tomorrow. give him one more day to recover and nilsson is playing pretty good right now so just run with him
  6. there is no way the sens finish at the bottom of the league if everyone stays healthy for the rest of the year. nilsson on a one year deal to be the back up makes a lot of sense for the sens next year dorion met with duchenes agent and said they want to sign him. i really hope dorion was being sincere. i think he is because i dont think dorion ever told karlssons camp they wanted to sign him. i think they only said it in the media it was their plan i dont like doing this but i have to give credit to boro last night he went up against the mackinnon line paired with jaros and they did an amazing job. it helps that pageau and smith were also out against them but that d pairing did great last night
  7. maybe or maybe like hammonds wife has suggested the team doesnt look fondly on injuries goalies can play through but it is probably a little of both
  8. i am pretty sure condon is going to retire or go on ltir like macarthur and gaborik so he will be off the sens cap next season
  9. he has new pads they showed them during the ducks game. they are the exact same but red. but is still breaking them in before he wears them in a game but they could of done what the flyers did for mckenna and covered the red with orange
  10. in a game almost everyone thought the sens would get crushed. jones made some huge saves or this could of been a different ending and at the end of the day the sens beat the two teams they were supposed to beat and lost to the sharks now if they can win 2 of the next 3 that will be a could 2 week stretch
  11. duchene will not make the trip even with white now out this is the one tough game the sens have in the next 4. so it is pretty much a scheduled loss. but if the sens can steal a point i will be happy. but you know erik karlsson has put a bunch of money on the board after the sharks laid an egg up in ottawa i hate that white is hurt but i hope it means paul gets some decent minutes. in fact i would play him with tkachuk and stone
  12. as for the players when white when down the team looked very deflated but they kept grinding and got the job done tkachuk had a great game bobby ryan looked like a 7 million dollar player smith started slow and bad taking a couple penalties but found his game late i really want to see this team fully healthy because they are definitely a 500 team with everyone healthy
  13. i agree. his positioning is still a little suspect as he tends to over play some pucks and does look lost on the nothing shots from bad angles but he definitely fits the mold of a back up goalie the sens could use if hogberg or gustavsson arent ready next gear
  14. sens get goals from Bobby ryan and chris tierney. both goals quick probably wants back. clifford scored for the kings on a great tip because nilsson is looking good again tonight
  15. white out with a shoulder injury. after taking a big hit from muzzin of all people neither team looks overly interested in scoring i hate the sens break out. either the sens are the slowest team in the nhl or they can never break out with speed. because there is no way opposing teams should be able to catch the senators breaking out every time. because the sens certainly dont catch other teams in the neutral zone