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  1. Sens practice line for tomorrow night against the Hawks. Dzingel Duchene Ryan Tkachuk White Goloubef Smith Pageau Paajarvi Boedker Tierney Balcers Chabot DeMelo Lajoie Ceci Harpur Jaros Stone didn't practice and took the day off. Defenceman Cody Goloubef is taking Mark Stone's place in drills. Boucher did confirm that 12/6 tomorrow with Boedker paying. He is still unsure of Andy, who is getting better. According to Garrioch, Sens have privately started to look for a trading partner for Duchene.
  2. Sens win the series against Jets. Only the Jets goalie played well, while we gave two short-handed goals to a team full of talents. 3 stars 1) Tierney 2) Stone 3) Dzingle
  3. Agree with 23Sens. I believe if Sens can make upfront or front-loaded money then both can be had in Ottawa. Dorion is not an idiot and there has been no knock offer which is why we keep playing Tradeable assets. I hope we can move smaller pieces and clear some cap space. Unfortunately, Boedker is hurt which means we will have to look to move some guys who are not in Dorion's mind as a future. It is going to be an interesting 8 to 9 days for Ottawa.
  4. Sens haven't got a clue how to score on PP. At least we showed up towards the mid half of the 2nd period. We should be leading tonight but gave two shorties. Let's see can we convert on the 5 on 3. Problem is we look unsure what to do with extra space and ice time.
  5. Two ugly shorties to star this game. Damn! when we have chances to score or guys making too many bad passes. Signing Stone and Duchene will be good, but we have a long way to go to be even considered a team that will make noise. We don't have Aflie or Karlsson type of player to take us over the edge.
  6. According to Boucher, he wants to get Archibald into the lineup because of his size. He is also leaning towards playing 12/6 but final decision after the tomorrow morning skate. Sens practice lines Friday: Balcers Duchene Ryan Tkachuk White Stone Smith Pageau Paajarvi Tierney Archibald Chabot DeMelo Lajoie Ceci Harpur Jaros Goloubef Dzingle unsure due to injuries. Winnipeg is a tough team and hope we can beat them tomorrow.
  7. I agree. If Sens are truly interested in signing Stone/Duchene, they should increase their value as soon as possible. I think Stone with a $9M cap hit deal, where the salary is front loaded. Maybe even throw $3M to $4M in signing bonus for the first 4 years. A front loaded contract will help Sens big time when they want to spend to the cap in the future. By the time, Chabot, Tkachuck and other young guys develop for big money. I believe Melnyk might bring in another investor along to keep this franchise afloat. Fans will flock again. I was planning to go for some games this season. Let's see. We need Duchene because he is our top line center and a good one. I think $8.5M cap hit deal would be good. I am not sure why Dorion and three scouts were in Winnipeg. Personally, when Dorion is scouting a player, we always win. We got Norris for Karlsson's deal. He is going to be damn good. IMO, Norris was the best piece came back for us. Personally, I will like to see a different coach because I don't think Stone/Duchene appreciate their style of strategy. Maybe I am wrong, but let's see. I won't be upset if Sens move players to go full rebuild, but I will love to see Duchene and Stone retained. Sens should try to move some contracts to bring young guys up here. Also, trade or find a top 4 D man for next season.
  8. Tough loss for Sens. The had the game until one big mistake in the 2nd period. Howard made some big saves at the end. My 3 stars 1) Tkachuk 2) Duchene 3) Balcers
  9. WOW! big turnover cost us a goal. Duchene goal was super. I hope we sign him soon before he starts scoring more. Buddy, Sens Chirp and I avoid discussing trades. Sens are not in a hurry to resign Ceci because he is an RFA. We could move him at the draft table or during June.
  10. Sens take on Red Wings. Current record 21-30-5 = 47 points in 56 games. We are dead last in NHL. Also, Sens are on the road and there might be few trades before the trade deadline. Interesting weeks ahead.Hope Sens can put some strings of win.
  11. Both Duchene and Stone facial expression was not good. Game over and an ugly loss. 3 stars 1) Stone 2) Tierney 3) Pageau
  12. Three goals so far by Canes; two of them on PP. Doesn't look good. Canes block too many shots.
  13. I have a suspicion that someone has stolen 23Sens password. There is no way Sens can dance with big teams in a consistent manner. We stunk low and teams are not giving the due recognition as a result, we have stolen a few games from contenders. We lack top 4 D guy plus a legit goaltender. I agree with Shawn Simpson that Nilsson is no difference to Hammond and/or Condon. Let's not pretend he is a game changer. I will move him if someone willing to throw a mid rounder or sign him for 1 year.
  14. Sens ends the 1st period with a lead. Stone scores for us. Toronto is interested in an RHD. I will not mind if we can snatch Kapanen for Cody Ceci. I watch lots of Leafs hockey and Kapanen is a real deal. The guy can and has got good speed. Nilsson made some saves. Hope Ottawa can resign Stone. If he wants out then better get Duchene resigned. The talks have dried up, which is what I am hearing. Maybe both parties can refresh and pitch in their final numbers in contract size and term. Its all boils down to front-loaded bonus;
  15. With a big storm today, I am not sure will there be a game. Even if there is a game, I doubt many will head to CTC; I believe roughly around 40" of snow accumulation in Ottawa. We have skeleton participation in this site, therefore my next GDT would be for the remainder of the season so that we can simply discuss all games until the end, We need to win games to ensure that lottery pick is not given to Colorado. If we lose Duchene, then the whole trade is a bust. Let's see.