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    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a really long time but I've always followed the threads and comments. For the record, this forum much better than SensChirp… can't stand the princesses over there. Just wanted to come on to let you guys know Pageau is officially back in the lineup on January 6th vs the Hurricanes. I see him regularly over at the restaurant I work at, my boss is very close with him and Ceci. Anyways, it's reliable info directly from JG himself. It's on the hush hush right now but will probably hear about it soon. Cheers, happy holidays
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    sens win in carolina. something that never happens. the team looked very good for the first two periods. then boucher had them sit back. the problem is it worked this time and is just going to give him confidence to do it again next time they have a lead the Nilsson trade migt be dorions best ever i dont know what has got into Bobby ryan but hopefully he plays like this for the rest of hos contract
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    sens pull it out in ot. white with a tap in from mark stone who essentially looked like he wasnt going to let this team lose when it got to ot as for the game itself it was ugly. nilsson was good and gibson for the ducks stood on his head as im pretty sure all the sens shots came in 4 minute spurts of every period 3 stars for luckan who said he wasnt watching 3. ryan 2. nilsson 1. white this was tkachuks worst game as a senator. and it also might of been cecis worst as well. whether it was when he had a clear lane to skate the puck out and he iced ththe puck instead of skating it out. he shot it into the shin pads a handful of times and the best one was when a ducks player with no stick stripped ceci of the puck matt duchene had his baby boy tonight as well so congratulations to him and his family. i wonder if that means he shows up for saturdays game
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    it is a term the people in special Olympics get called all the time in a derogatory manner.
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    lol.. Could have had both Trotz and Lehner but nope we're stuck with McKenna/Condon and Boucher. Joke team. #MelnykOut
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    If Pageau returns, it will be huge for the Sens. He is not a savior because we have two good centers ahead of him. At least we know Duchene is the best we have got, while Stone is making White's development better than expected. I will prefer the following bottom 6 pairing: Smith-Pageau-Ryan Paul-Tierney-Paarjavi On a side note: It is going to be an interesting year ahead with looming Duchene and Stone contracts. If we start losing and if there is a demand for Andy, should we trade him? I have a strong feeling Andy is moved to save money for our free agents. We should give Hogberg shot. It is a development year and we should try out Hogberg. Make sure Andy play at home and win some games. This way we could move him for a 1st rounder. We need picks so that we can group and them and trade for solid top 4 D man.
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    This team doesn't need anymore picks guys. We're going to have roughly 18 picks in the next two drafts. Plus we have SJ's 1st rounder in 2020 so we'll have 2 1st rounders already and this team has a ton of prospects in different leagues. Brown, Chlapik, Batherson, & Balcers up front with Wolanin, and Englund in B-ville. JBD, Tychonic, Norris, Kelly, and Formenton in college and junior. There isn't going to be enough room for all of these guys, and with 18 picks in the next 2 drafts there will be a lot more coming. They need to figure out the pieces we don't have in the system and try plugging a few holes with trades with teams that are going to be looking to shed salary. I think we're short on at least one big minute defenseman, which is why I mentioned Parayko in an earlier thread. Jake Muzzin from LA, or Alec Martinez might help, or teams like Washington who will be facing cap crunches, so a guy like Orlov, Justin Schultz from Pittsburgh. Even with the amount of young guys we have, this team has no issues scoring goals, so I don't see us trading for a forward unless it's a can't miss deal that really benefits us. Chlapik, Batherson, Brown, Balcers, Formenton, and maybe a dark horse kids like Andrew Sturtz competes for a full-time spot next year. Josh Norris if he signs a contract too will almost certainly contend for a spot as well. On defense maybe Jaros competes for a full-time role on the bottom pairing, and likely Wolanin, but outside of those two, I don't see any defenseman pushing for a spot over the guys we have, and lets be honest defense is the weakest position for us right now. But as far as going young, I think this team is as young as it's going to get. Not saying they're going to just send prospects and draft picks away, but this team has enough young prospect depth that pushing up the standings should be their goal right now. We have a good mix of playmakers and goal scorers in the system. JBD will be a very solid defenseman for us in 3 years time. His shot has really improved, his blast from the point will help our PP one day for sure.
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    very boring game but the sens got completely screwed tonight. that puck was covered and gets blown down 99 times out of 100 some good news on the free agent front though. dreger said on the radio he would be completely shocked if stone isnt resigned and kypreos said dorion offered duchene 8 years 64 million. which is a great starting point offer i wonder if there is any coincidence factor that melnyk has brought a 3rd person into the rink negotiations and rumors of him selling a portion of the team and that the sens are likely going to be offering 100s of millions of dollars in contracts in the next couple weeks
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    Sens win 4-1; a superb effort by all around. Borowiecki went down with a lower-body injury. My 3 stars 1) Ryan 2) Stone 3) Wolanin
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    Can we get Nilsson some new pads? Or is that too much too ask for Melnyk?
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    Unfortunately, you can't delete the double posting. I believe Sens will have to overpay to keep both Duchene and Stone. They have to sign both Duchene and Stone at least before the 2nd week of February. The more they delay we might lose them for nothing. Dorion should have a feeler for Stone since they were negotiating last summer. However, the price tag for Stone must have increased. If I am the GM, I will convince Eugene to sign Stone first. He will be paid handsomely but we better not move his friend Ceci. Both are very close. I also heard Stone was closer to Turris and Karlsson. IMO, Ottawa will sign Stone. It will happen and he will be our captain. I hope Eugene realizes it. According McKenzie that teams have inquired on Cody Ceci. He is an RHD which usually increases interest. Sens should only flip Ceci for a 1st round pick. This way we can use that pick to land a top 4 D man. IMO, moving Ceci early might cost us Stone's contract. Both are very close friends. On Duchene's front, no numbers have thrown yet. Again, if we can't sign him, I will not mind shopping him (preferably to Islanders for Dobson or Bouchard for Edmonton). We can get more but with those listed teams, we should try to pry one of those D guys. My best bet Sens will try to move Smith, Boedker, and Anderson. If we can move all three, then we have freed up some cash, but I doubt we can even move one of them.
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    Archibald, Paul, and Paarjavi have been good. The solid 1st-period effort by the Sens. McKenzie on the pre-game show said the Senators' priority is to re-sign their guys but recognizes that the org will likely have to overpay to keep them here. Says in a week or 10 days, Duchene's camp will meet with Dorion. McKenzie also said that the notion of trading Cody Ceci was well within the realm of possibility. Believes the Senators have had calls and are open to the idea of moving him.
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    Cannabis is legalized in Canada. There is nothing much happening in the Province of Saskatchewan. Just kidding.
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    finally finished watching. 2nd game in a row the sens actually deserved to win and would of if it wasnt for weak goals allowed by the goalies but also another game that bouchers player usage destroys the momentum of the team the fact he relies on ceci who is clueless defensively so much should cost him his job. the hamilton goal ceci puts his head down anand hustles back which is good (and rare for him) but he didnt pick his head up until the puck was in the sens net. he could of easily went to hamilton considering the sens had another back checker back before ceci and he went to the guy driving the net this western road trip couldnt come at a better time. the ducks and kings suck. the avs are slipping and the canes are inconsistent. so one tough game agaisnt the sharks which who knows maybe the sens beat up on karlsson again. this could be just what the team needs
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    cant wait to hear bouchers excuses after this one. 7 losses in a row and likely an 8th tomorrow. how does this guy keep his job
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    luckan garrioch is ththe furthest thing from from under-informed. he is the most informed journalist in the world regarding the senators. so much so the sens are using him as a trade negotiator for the team
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    Every time we get a lead we play like shit.. Boucher written all over this one.
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    i guess the guy who posted about pageau eating at the restaurant he works at was right
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    No more Pyatt....woo hooo. Boucher must be pissed. Tie game against the powerhouse Canucks. Hogberg looks pretty good so far
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    Even with Stone, Duchene and the young talent, the Sens are not a playoff team without a consistent #1 goaltender which Andy hasn't been. Once the Sens develop a starter that can handle being a #1 goalie then things will turn around but that will take at least a few years and the Sens will be finishing near the bottom in that time. Its too bad the Sens botched Lehner's time here they could have used him by now.
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    thats a lot of give up for just a chance at 1st overall. unless you are saying this is a draft day deal but if its a draft day deal both dzingel and ceci will be pending free agents and value goes way down. sure the sens could use hughes. but if stone and duchene move on the sens will very much be in the lafreniere sweep stakes. if stone and duchene dont move on the sens can very easily be a playoff calibre team with the youth they have coming up
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    boucher is switching things up at practice today. some interesting lined forsure tkachuk-tienery-stone white-duchene-ryan paul-smith-rodewald dzingel-pyatt-boedker looks like pyatt is a place holder until pageau is ready. hopefully that is soon. becauze i dont really mind that line up with pageau in there instead of pyatt
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    Most likely Hogberg will play tomorrow. Unsure of Chabot. I hope it is not serious. Who knows? Maybe Hogberg steals a win from Capitals or this game might get ugly. Our D looks terrible without Chabot. Good luck Sens for tomorrow.
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    Melny and Dorion are two dirty bastards. I can prove my point without even discussing EK and Alfie. We are the only team in NHL to lose high caliber players. I can keep listing guys and most of you know after 2008/09 season how this team's complexion started to change. Largely for Sens star players wanting out started with Melnyk involvement in daily operations of this team. Melnyk's financial situation started to crumble along with his personal situation. This led to cost focus within Sens operations. I have no issue with that but hiring mediocrity to run the Sens operations led to our downfall and inconsistency. Every professional enterprise is going to have local issues, but moving or trading away players/staffs are not going to resolve the issues. It is the Management, governance and ethical team to resolve the issues internally. We have none. We saw this after our 2007 cup run. I can only hope Sens can resolve there internal issue. There should be proper governance. Fucking Dorion is not fit to run this team as a GM. He is cheap and is the ideal mascot for Melnyk too. I will never give any recognition to Melnyk or Dorion for making this team an AHL caliber. These two retards need to go. Personally, I don't care whom they sign or keep because we will never win a cup with these morons.
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    luckan karlssom could of took the deal they offered. it is likely going to be the best offer he would of got the only people upset right now are people who thought the sens had a chance at the playoffs. that was never the goal for the season. develop some young guys. dont let the avs get 1st overall and resign stone and duchene all still very possible to happen stop worrying about the quality of hockey this year luckan. it is only going to make you mad
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    We can say all the stuff, but Eugene is not at all making revenue. He is throwing away tickets free or at half price to fill the stadium. It is not good. He will receive a revenue share component, but the NHL League will want the downtown arena or this team will be a bust. Melnyk was spending lavishly a decade ago because he had too many enterprises making revenue and Ottawa Senators for him was a hobby and status symbol. His financial position has changed and he himself declared that he will not pony his wealth to increase debt. He is paying salaries are expensed through debt, which is why he is still a billionaire. Part of billionaire wealth includes the fair market value (FMV) of Ottawa Senators. He doesn't want the FMV to deplete which is why he wants Rudy/city to build the stadium rent-free. Geez! he wants to slowly pass his overall buildup debt to the city/Rudy. I don't think Sens will be able to pay for both players expected salary structure. His operating budget and the line of credit from BMO are not sufficient enough to pay lump sum dollars upfront. Duchene's camp knows what is the true value of his next contract; similarly, Stone's value of $8M was last summer and now it has definitely gone up with his maturity and contribution. We will be lucky if Stone signs less than $9M. In addition, he will be looking for signing bonus. I am not comparing Stone with Benn and/or Seguin because these two guys play together as a result, they complement each other add points too. For Stone, he does a lot of things on his own and also make the young guys and bottom line players legit NHLers. Don't be surprised, if Stone agent starts with $9.75M and ends around $9M. They know the situation in Ottawa that without Stone, our forwards are mere AHL talent. Duchene is the top line center we have and also hard to find a legit top line center in the market. Also, we gave up too much to get him; therefore, Dorion will try his best to sign him. Once again, the way he is playing his value tops $9M. I don't mind the guys you listed as trading pieces and for sure Pageau will get us a big return. The problem is trading him will hurt Sens in the long run. I think Andy should be part of the trade list. If Sens are moving Pageau, we better get a top 4 D man. We don't need picks but an NHL D man.
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    pageau was a full participant at practice today. he could be back sooner than suggested above
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    Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas!! Stay Safe and look forward to talk in the new year . Go Sens Go
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    first game of the year i turned off. Anderson was a joke tonight and at some point Boucher needs to get some blame. its his job to get his team ready to play. the devils got in at 230 am this morning from their game last night. and the sens start like that. embarassing i know this is a rebuilding team and a young team and blah blah blah. but how do they get completely outclassed by a devils team that is really just one player and 17 scrubs every night the worst part is when yhe sens played their game they were all over the devils.the problem was they only did that for 2 shifts all game. or until i turned it off the sens did catch a couple bad breaks. how that puck didnt go in for tkachuk still boggles my mindand the no call on boedker was brutal. but still they have yo be better its also time for boro to sit. he brings nothing anymore. actually that is not true he brings a negative impact to this team. a few times tonight he could of got the puck but he was so committed to making the hit the puck went right by him
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    I agree with you on that front, I always said that was the ultimate demise for coaches Clouston and MacLean. They tried making a team play the way they think it should be played as opposed to coming up with a system that pushes the team's strength. Boucher has said in the past he believes in this philosophy, but had to play according to the personnel he had. It's hard to play a fast-paced game when you have guys like Ryan, Stone, Phaneuf, Methot, Smith, etc none of these guys are quick skaters. Hence the acquisition of Boedker, Duchene, Dzingel being moved up, Chabot, Lajoie, White, Paajarvi…. the inclusion of speed is prevalent, and even Boucher was vocal about his displeasure of sending Formenton back to junior. This team excels on offense and the offense has been present. But he does have to teach some sort of defensive zone coverage so the team breaks out of it's zone properly, and know their assignments when defending. The guys are a half second slow when plays happen on the ice, but that will correct itself with repetition. Don't be so quick to throw Boucher under the bus. Right now both the players and coaches seem to have a harmony going right now that has led to a massive improvement on the PK, PP, and even strength play has improved. We're still scoring goals, and the GAA is starting to come down a bit. I have no idea who Ottawa would like to trade for or if they're even considering making a trade. But if you look at the lineup, and what we have in the system, a big minute defenseman is what's missing. JBD is likely a 3rd or 4th defenseman when he hits his ceiling but that won't be for a few years. Outside of him we don't have any young guys that look like they're going to be top 4 pairing defenseman. Chabot is the real only top pairing guy we have. DeMelo, looks like he might be a capable 4th defenseman and we'll see if Harpur can keep progressing. Lajoie we'll also have to see where he fits, but he's not very big and very underweight to be playing top 4 minutes. Ceci is a bottom pairing defenseman for sure but highly overpaid. Boro is best suited for a 7th defenseman, and Falk is a minor leaguer.
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    So the NCC officially cut ties with Melnyk and Ruddy today, so you can bet Ruddy will be out for blood. Apparently Melnyk wasn't able to uphold his financial commitments even at the start of the process. which led to Melnyk desperately relinquishing control over the Lebreton project to Ruddy so long as he builds the rink. Ruddy has already sunk close to 4M dollars into the venture, and Ruddy will 100% want his money back, and will want to be compensated for losing out on the hundreds of millions he stood to make in this venture. If Ruddy even gets half of what he's looking for and this looks very realistic, he will be awarded more than what the team is even worth. Melnyk cannot afford that kind of penalty, and will absolutely throw the Senators into a "For Sale" role because Melnyk just won't have the finances to cover it. Already his budget is tight paying back the lenders. You throw in a $500M expense on top of that, he's never going to get another loan again, and no way he will be able to provide proof he'll be able to pay any of that money back. This is good news for those who want to see Melnyk out. At the very least, it opens the door to forcing Melnyk to take on partners, which I suspect he will before outright selling the team. If he sold 49% to Devcore Group, who is likely to take over the Lebreton Flats contract, they will have invested interest to build a rink there and Melnyk won't have to pay rent either. This makes total sense from my perspective, and I think Melnyk is in a whole lot of trouble over this. He is going to get crushed by Ruddy in this lawsuit without a doubt.