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    Okay the elephant in the room here is this. Stone and Duchene were offered competitive contracts. The real reason they are leaving is for the same reasons Karlsson, Spezza, Heatley, etc all left. This organization lets things spiral. The Heatley-Clouston crap got too far gone before they addressed it, and the damage was done. Brian McGrattan was just on TSN talking about his substance abuse issues, we know other members of the team had issues with the same substances (Emery, Redden) to name a few. Spezza and Heatley etc, then Alfredsson, this organization turns a blind eye to things until they can no longer do so. The Lee thing? Does anyone really believe that was the first time he has done something like that? This franchise is the laughingstock of the league. Every year we have star players complaining about coaches, or ownership, the team using a historic event to threaten the fans, the owner using his financial muscle to land himself a new kidney and then cries cheap in terms of the team? Players wives feuding over cyberbullying? This team, this franchise is NOTHING more than a total complete joke. There is no reason to come here. No one wants to stay. This team is best to sell off Stone, Duchene (gone), and Dzingle and start this out new like an expansion team. Lose Dorion, his WHOLE staff, the coaches, the scouts, go 100% new!!!! I'd say lose the owner too but can only go so far. More than a 1st overall pick or a superstar, what this franchise needs more than any of those things is CREDIBILITY!!! RESPECT!!! this franchise is below Seattle in terms of respect and they don't even have a single player. This team needs to learn how to run the ship correctly first. That starts with the owner to keep his mouth shut because no one likes him or cares about anything he has to say. Dorion and his whole staff need to be exodus and bring people in who command respect and know how to go about earning credibility to a franchise. I really hope this franchise does a major clean sweep after this season. I hope Melnyk sells the team or a good portion of it, Dorion and staff get the boot, Boucher and his staff get the boot as well, and then bring in good hockey people who will not put up with the crap this franchise has turned a blind eye too since bringing Bryan Murray here. Everything went downhill once Bryan Murray was given control. Remember the days when we had a broke owner but players took pay cuts to try and win? Players like Alfy, Phillips, Neil, Spezza, & Heatley were thought to be career Sens once getting here? We have an owner with more money and no one wants to stay despite being overpaid? Can you imagine players taking a pay cut here to win? So what is different now from then? EASY!!! Respect and credibility. We have less than zero right now and until we learn to build that, Chabot, Tkachu, White etc are already counting down the days until they can price themselves the fuck out of here. So what we need is credibility!!! AT ANY COST!!
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    My 3 stars 1) Melnyk 2) Melnyk 3) Dorion
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    Wow another little sheep eaiting out of Melnyk hands. The culture was toxic BECAUSE OF MELNYK.. Literally started by trading away a team leader after a great run in Turris as they were unwilling to pay him. The disconnect between management and coaching as has been countless times. Disconnect between ownership and fans which has been on front stage for years now. Disconnect between players and coaches. Disconnect between players. et.. All of this is because of Melnyk's inability to pay for management or coaching or players. All this negative shit is due to him not putting the people in place to catch it before it happens. He runs with the smallest staff in the NHL and continuously refuses to pay up for top qualitt players, coaches and management Once again, WHO THE FUCK CARES what Bransstrom's or Chabot's or Tkachuk's potential is because Melnyk has proven time and time again that he will not pay up when the time comes. Belleville winning the AHL cup is what it takes to have a good rebuild? Yea look at the good that did us with Binghamton. And do you think the players are retarded? They all know why the building is empty and going to remain that way. Our young guys are going to leave because Melnyk will low ball them like they all just witnessed with Karlsson, Stone, Duchene, Dzingle, Turris, etc..
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    I agree. Oh and do not forget that there have been some people not mentioning names that said they would not cheer for the sens since Karlsson was traded. Not to sure even they know what they are doing anymore lol. Also, the thing for me is how on earth can people say that our prospects won't match Karlsson, Duchene, Stone, Dzingle, etc. If my memory serves correct: Mark Stone was drafted in the 6th round ( diamond in the rough. A lot of people did not believe he would amount to anything but now he is the creme of the crop ) huh. To get Brannstrom for Stone in a few years you will be laughing. Nothing against Stone I don't look forward to watching sens play against the best thief in the league lol but the return we got I am more than happy with. Karlsson drafted 15th overall. Was Brannstrom not drafted in the same place? Not saying he will be the next Karlsson but could. In my opinion, Chabot is better than Karlsson JMO so I hope he is a Chobot 2.0 Was Dzingle, and to me, he is - considered a B level prospect. We got 2 second round picks for him. Duchene well I have no comparison except we will possibly get two mid first rounders and Abramov could turn out to be a great pick up. Time will tell. What I think is very smart is the set up in the trades. I will give credit to Dorion on the fact he got players to fill the void in the NHL team while picking up and sending down players to play in Belleville for there run at the cup. I do not see how they do not get into the playoffs now with the talent that just got sent there way. Ottawa Senators will be fun to watch but they most important is that all our prospects now get to play together for the remainder of there season and quite possibly make a run at there cup which is great for development and help speed things up. Time to mesh well and time to create chemistry right away. All in all, People should realize by now, out of the whole organization our scouts know what they are doing and do it well considering where we have been drafting who. 2nd Stop cheering for the players and cheer for the logo. The owner is the owner and the management is the management don't punish the players on the ice by indirectly putting them down and calling them crap. They are not anywhere close and have just as much upside and any other prospect. They are young and put more effort into every game than most. Look forward to watching the next game and many games to come. Go Sens Go.
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    Yea you're right. Melnyk 100% proved his willingness to pay with those contracts he gave to Stone, Karlsson, Duchene and Dzingle. Oh wait. It's fans like you and 23 that will keep Melnyk around and doing his same old shit til he dies. Get a salary floor team filled with young stars on ELC and bridge deals while hoping for miracle runs and pesky sens runs to cash in on. Then blow it all up and start again. Find it hilarious and sad that there are fans out there that buy everything Melnyk tells em. We needed a rebuil? Not a single one of Balcers, Norris, Abramov, SJ 1st, Clb 1st, bunch of 2nd, Davidsson, Duclair or Lindberg are or will ever compare with Stone, Duchene, Dzingle or Hoffman. Brannstrom might have amazing potential but he will NEVER surpass Karlsson. Brown, White, Batherson, Tkachuk, Formenton, Bernard-Docker, Jaros, Gustavsson were all in our system all ready. Anyone dumb enough to buy into the whole "we needed a rebuild" narrative are sheep. Stone's first comment on TSN when asked why he was willing to sign with Vegas says it all. "They have an ownership that wants to WIN". #MelnykOut
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    "Duchene has said 100 times this isn't about money." It's always about the money, especially when the team you play/played for is the laughing stock of the entire league. "What predictions have you made that have come true?" Sens23: should be the last guy on this forum, talking about accurate predictions. I recall you saying the AVS "future is not bright" after the Dutchy trade. I recall you saying "Joe Sakic is running that Trainwreck of an organization into the ground" I recall you saying the AVS didn't steal/win the trade. (Your right about ONE thing though) Joe Sakic didn't just steal/win the trade. He flat out, set the Senators organization back years. What Joe Sakic did, is borderline criminal. Heck, I feel so bad for the fans, I wish I could give the 1st rounder Ottawa is regretting giving up, back to them. Hughes would definitely help what is sure to be a long rebuild. Duchene signing with Ottawa after this season Lol! That doesn't even warrant a response. Nonsense!!!
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    I have made many predictions in life which you don't read those kinds of stuff in your life or will be challenged to comprehend. Fuck, so you are calling if (BIG IF) Stone resigns in Ottawa fan will become fine with Melnyk. Now I call you delusional. Shall we take a bet that Duchene will NOT sign here? A small sample size: You predicted almost 5 years ago that OV time as a goal scorer is done. BUT What did I say he will be the undisputed scoring machine in NHL. He will beat every fucking goalscoring records in NHL. Also, he has won the cup now to his accolades. I remember you talked not big on Kuznetsov and I called he is going to be a beast. You compared Schwartz better than Zibby. Go figure who is the best now? Where is your Zibanejude character who supported you? You said Toews is done. Damn, he has scored 29 goals and they are much closer to become a playoff team with young guys DeBrincat, Gustafsson, Forsling, Kahun, Delia and Caggiula. Players want to be part of a better Team, which is managed with ethics and character. The moment we start to trade guys who have been contributing and calling a rebuild, Its bullshit. I haven't gone to games. Have you seen the fan base flocking to CTC? Wait until next year when season ticket holders don't buy tickets.
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    After the 2nd period, Sens lead 4-1 Paarjavi with 2 goals. Gibbons with the other. For Leafs Rielly scores his 20th. Man! we need to work on our PP. Sens missed on three PP chances. We all know the next call will be in favor of Leafs. The 3rd period ahead. Belleville leading 4-3 after 2nd. Laval has scored all their goals on PP, while Sens too scored 3 on our PP. Paul with 2 goals, Chalpik and Rodewald scored for us.
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    Heatley leaving had nothing to do with Melnyk that was under Murray's nose. As was Emery and his penchant for late nights out. Dorion is still learning on the job. I would be happier than a pig in the mud if Melnyk up and sold the team. This is a rebuild so loading up on contracts that will be on LTIR is a SMART move!! It adds to the cap to help get to the floor which is what we need, we bring in top end prospects not filler types, and you don't want those players in your lineup you want kids like Batherson, Chlapik, Abramov, Norris, Formenton... you want those guys getting those spots on the roster. On Volchenkov, he asked for way too much money and then got it in New Jersey I believe and ended up a healthy scratch. He was not the player he was and he was never good at moving the puck, hence why they paid 6M for Gonchar and not $5.5M for Volchenkov. They aren't bullshitting there is a purpose to bringing in those contracts LUCKAN.. those teams give us prospects to put into the gun so that in 2-3 years when the kids like Tkachuk, Chabot, Balcers, White, Norris, Lafreniere.Byfield, Brannstrom, JBD, Gustavsson… when these guys hit their stride because they are playing and not sitting behind over priced free agents we'll have prospects and draft picks for the trade deadline and for the summer to add key pieces missing for a proper run. We're not trying to get to a base minimum and then gung-ho for a cup. You build a prospect cupboard that is bowing at the seams, to the point when you have no room for any of them, that's when you piece together a big trade for a major piece. The team didn't spend the money on Turris because they didn't feel he was a legit #1 center. Doesn't matter what the fans think, management felt $6M for 7 years was just too much money. Good thing too because then we'd have $13M+ tied up in 20 goals!!! less production than what we were getting from Dzingel at $1.8M. So not all of these moves are mistakes. Yes we were double overtime away from the SCF... But the true Bobby Ryan is what you see right now, not the point per game player he was that post season. There are going to be zero games where Pageau scores 4 goals in a must-win game, that isn't going to happen, not now not ever again. Couple with Karlsson playing out of this world good it was a perfect storm for a team that overachieved, wasn't a performance that had any substance to be built upon. Management made that mistake and it cost us our 1st rounder. If you want to base that for why Dorion should be fired, that is perfectly fine and an understandable approach I would be fine with it. However he is doing a great job with his current mandate which is to tear it down and build up again from the studs. Not half of it down and plus some other players in and see how it works. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. Subtracting players like Fisher, Vermette, etc after failing to make the playoffs that year but keeping Spezza, Alfy, and few others kept us in mediocrity hell. Fast forward we have been there for more than 8 years. No one is saying not to be disappointed in losing those players we lost. But in the end it was those players doing what they did that forced management to finally do what should've been done many years ago. So all I am saying anyway is just forget Dorion and Melnyk because they aren't the focal points right now. The team has a blank slate now, with a bunch of new future stars. No one knew who Chabot was the year we drafted him, but look at him now? Some people earlier in the year preferred him over Karlsson. 2 years ago did you ever think we had already had a player in the system that could be that good? No you didn't.... So when people say we lost Stone, we lost Duchene, Hoffman, etc... This team will forge new heroes, like Chabot, like Tkachuk, Brannstrom, Gustavsson, White, Balcers, Brown, Batherson... LUCKAN I ask you why are you wasting their development years whining about the spilt milk instead of enjoying watching the evolution of the new Hossa's, Havlat's, Redden's, Fisher's, Spezza's… If the day comes and we don't pay to keep them here which wasn't entirely the problem here, as both Duchene and Stone said the contracts offered to them were fine, even Karlsson said the same, it was the prospect of never winning here that did it. So we had to change it, and it is being done the right way. Go ahead and hate Dorion and Melnyk, but holy geez give the players a chance to re-create the culture of the team, so that players like being here.... If Melnyk keeps his word that he will pay to keep this core together, then everything works, he has done this in the past (keep a core together), spend your energy watching our new stars develop not be forever upset about yesterday. All I'm saying
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    i would like to see a guy like sheldon keefe brought in as the next coach. with a team that is going to have its leaders be 22 and under. no matter what the GM says these young guys are not going to listen to boro, ceci, or smith. this is the young kids team. bringing in a guy like keefe who seems to get these young players also the team has to give him some rope on the flip side quenville would be the ideal coach for a couple ways. he is a proven winner and would command respect and accountability. and he is going to get 5 million per year minimum. investing in a coach like that would go a long way in showing the fans they are committed to winning
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    WOW!, someone has stolen SIG's password. SIG, you had two lovely posts but I know you will be targeted for those. There are people who think just because they played the game they understand how a company flourishes in an environment. Absolutely wrong. I have played Rugby and Cricket and especially the former at a higher level, but I am not going to say that I am an expert to run a franchise. Ottawa Senator's morality, ethics, and governance took a big hit from poor Management and coach selections. I fully agree with Riddick that Clouston/Heatly fiasco which was too long and none took any steps to mitigate. I am not going to blame a soul (BM) now, but I have to agree with Riddick, but I am not sure why our friend Riddick believes in Melnyk so much. I know its Riddick's opinion, but I can't trust the owner for a penny. The very moment we sucked in 2008/09 season after a splendid start and continued into the following season the entire culture in the locker room started to take a big toll. I had a close friend who is not living in Canada anymore, but he gave me a glimpse of things heading. Greg Carvel, whom I came to know then mentioned that Melnyk's financial position has started to go worse with his personal issues (divorce/Biovail). In no franchise, I have seen top star players being traded or them wanting out. If the organization culture is positive and management runs it at the highest ethical governance, not a single player will want to leave an organization. The only time a team trades a player if the salary asks is ridiculous or the player himself wanted out. I have no faith in Melnyk and the lying Dorion. The town hall of last year was all drama because they already had the plan to move Hoffman and Erik Karlsson. No one in their weird mind will want to trade class acts like Turris or Karlsson. Mr. Phillips said it correctly about Erik and Kyle. Dorion is a puppet and he can't make decisions because the owner is the one who pays the money. I have been preaching like an evangelist that Melnyk will not want to pay potential lockout deal or upfront dollars because he doesn't want to take a dent in his personal wealth and also his accumulated debt has gone over the roof. Recent $135M deal from BMO to run the operations shows that he is cash strapped to meet daily operations. Yesterday, there were plenty of free tickets given to show 55-60% occupancy. Geez! you keep losing then the fan base will stop coming and possibly getting traffic close to 8K fans/game. The first time, I noticed that some disinterest in Chabot's game. He was simply going through motion without any hockey IQ. I hope he doesn't get disheartened from all the top players leaving. He wanted Karlsson back in the offseason, which took a big hit on him and now we lost Stone. We have a young team but the veterans with the exception of Andy and Pageau are a complete joke. They don't set any examples.
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    Boy you are a moron.... Didn't know you had access to Melnyk's personal journal? I do recall him shelling out boat loads of money to keep players like Alfy, Karlsson, Spezza, Heatley, Ryan...Oh wait those we have to turn a blind eye to because SIG knows something no one else does because he just is too damn smart to put anything over his incredible head...something like that right retard? He paid the money when the team was ready to compete. You don't have to fucking like it I don't no one else does. But that is the frigging reality of it. We spent 8 years hovering around the mediocrity level always in and out. This HAD TO HAPPEN!!! Always shelling out 1st round picks (Tarasenko??) Nick Ritchie....because we always had the stupid mentality that if you make it you have a chance to win. FINALLY!!!! That SIG type idiotic rhetoric is done. This team was too thin!!! One superstar (Karlsson) who plays defense I might add... and a bunch of decent players but no one superstar to play with. Hoffman was good but he and Karlsson poisoned the room, love the guy or not Karlsson was part of that problem and he was the damn captain. We traded away Stone, Duchene, and Dzingel and look what happened our offense dried up completely. This is because we have a shallow team talent-wise. What Dorion did is set us up with assets to potentially be 3 lines deep in 2 years. That is how you rebuild. Yes trading away the 1st pick this year hurt us, big time but this was part of the your GO-ALL-IN IDIOT MENTALITY. This rebuild stops us from thinking we're one piece away to slip into the playoffs and maybe win.... This changes to in 2-3 years we EXPECT to make the playoffs above the wild card spots for many years with a nice 3-5 year window to be a super power. With the young players we already have and the assets coming, we have the assets to make the trades, and select the players to become a much better team from lines 1-4. We will have 2 top tier blueliners for a change instead of 1 with a mix of 5th and 6th defenseman asked to play above their heads!! All of this had to change, and viola it's finally being attempted. So SIG change your frigging diaper and move the hell on. Yes this sucks but Chicago did it, Pittsburgh did it, Detroit is also doing it, Colorado did it, now it's our turn. Holy geez hate the owner that's fine. But you have to live with this he isn't going anywhere. But this team is absolutely set up to succeed over the long term, what we've been doing the past 8 years just wasn't good enough and the fans have become apathetic towards the product on the ice. Chabot, Brannstrom, Brown, Tkachuk, Batherson, Gustavsson, Norris, Balcers, JBD, Hopefully one of Lafreniere, or Byfield.... that is a recipe for winning not to mention whoever we get in trades and overspend to bring in through UFA.... This is being done right
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    lol I've gone to 5-7 games a year until this season. Canes and Bruins didn't tank for Staal or Seguin.. Hypocrite. Now it's back to being just having a top 5 pick instead of having a top 5 pick you tanked for? lmao Melnyk will dip into his own money when the time comes? You fucking kidding me? Even a half fan like you should have heard of the exodus of skill that just happened due to Melnyk's refusal to pay up. Who cares if I'm going to be " in love " with those young players? We had better players and the potential to win had Melnyk payed up in key areas (coach, management, star players). We didn't need a rebuild, Melnyk needed a rebuild for his own financial needs. Get that through your head.
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    Riddick, I tried to show Turris/Duchene with a backward slash to show either of them are legit. We all know what Kyle did for us in both forms of seasons. I think Duchene is a possibility because Columbus is nothing special compared to Ottawa, but most likely they will sign him given the fact Panarin and Bobrovsky gone. Dzingle is a great guy on and off the ice but we never wanted to give him the money he is looking for. I am with you if we can get Duchene and possibly EK (LOL); immediately we look good for a wild-card spot. Adding guys like Duchene and Karlsson changes the complexion of this team. Anyhow, these are all big ifs, but highly unlikely scenarios. We are in full rebuild and money-saving proposition. We might end up taking shit contracts to hit the floor.
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    Okay I'm perfectly fine with the team jettisoning out Boucher and his staff.... However look what the guy has done for players like Chabot, White, Dzingel, Lajoie, Jaros, and Tkachuk? They deserve credit for the right path they are on. The results are due to the fact that after the big 3 (Stone, Duchene, Dzingel) there wasn't much in the way of talent? So what did you have do? I agree there are aspects of the team that desperately need to improve and I'm not sure Boucher is the man for that job? But Boucher did guide this team to within a goal of the SCF? Players like Tkachuk, Chabot, White, Lajoie, I think are better players because of Boucher. At least under his tutelage they look like future strong NHL players. Shedding him now you have to wonder what he might do with the kids coming? The fact that we are supposed to stink or management would prefer that we stink for one more season I'm not sold on Boucher getting the heave ho? Boucher has been a whipping boy for this fan base, but I think he's done well with the tools he has. Anderson can be good but is never consistent. His highest paid player for the most part is a slow, injury prone winger? He had 1 legitimate top 4 defenseman throughout his tenure here and that was Karlsson, and then Chabot once he left? So it begs to ask, if he had a consistent #1 goaltender and maybe a defense than didn't have 1 franchise defenseman littered with a bunch of #6 defenseman what he might have been able to accomplish? But I do believe the coaching staff has to go, and I also believe management has to go just to clear the perception of what this team is. As great a job as Dorion did getting decent assets for our star players that don't want to be here, they are a good part of the reason they didn't want to stay here. So for me it's time to move on from all of them. Lastly, yes losing this year's pick which is likely Jack Hughes or Kakko… but landing Brannstrom is definitely the equivalent of that pick. Would be nice to have both of them moving forward, but that's not the reality. But with 2 1st rounders, and Brannstrom we definitely landing key pieces moving forward if anything it takes the sting out of this lost season a little bit with the knowledge Brannstrom will be making people's butts come out of their seats. Next year will be the year of Lafreniere or Byfield and that will likely solidify the building phase of this rebuild, not to mention we might have 3 or 4 1st rounders in that draft when all is said and done. LUCKAN20... We never had Turris and Duchene on the same team they were part of the same trade. But I agree this team will need to spend on a quality veteran or two. This is also a team that will have to spend a crap ton of money just to make it to the Cap floor. So should a guy like Duchene be available, with both Dzingel and Stone gone their offer might be more substantial? Maybe a guy like Jordan Eberle? Tyler Myers? or someone like those guys can come here if they are paid adequately. I agree for this rebuild to bear the fruit it desires, we will need a few veteran leaders to come here. Duchene was a guy they also thought could be captain here, so I believe if he makes it to July 1st I can definitely see them offer him a crap ton of money to come back and I believe he likes the prospects he got to see first hand like Chabot, Tkachuk, White, & Batherson. So in 7 years he likely will have a few amazing runs if he can step in and be that kind of leader for this team.... again just using Duchene as an example. But Ottawa is in a position to really spend big this offseason. Landing Brannstrom really helps there as well.
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    Super post. Only skeleton fans believe in Eugene. He has lost all credibility. Now the LeBreton deal is dead, but he bullshits his way out and calling that he will find a location in downtown. He drove away some of the best players in NHL out of a small market. Players don't want to come to Ottawa and we had Turris/Duchene, Stone & Karlsson. You could easily build around these three. We know Turris and Karlsson has been great in regular and postseason. Sad we have lost every good player and I doubt this fellow can keep Batherson, White, Brady & Chabot. Unless all 4 become average players, which is a possibility without star veterans around them. For young guys to blossoms, you need solid veterans and not the ones we have now. A long road to recovery. Stone's thank you doesn't include some important folks.
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    SIG.... Wow see this is what I'm talking about. We have to many narrow-minded burn outs as fans such as yourself. I am all for getting rid of Melnyk. This is a man who has made billions, so thinking little turds like yourself is ever in any shape or form going to dictate how a man like him does things, and again did I mention you being narrow minded? and yes a burn out? So what does that leave us with? A crap owner that no one is arguing with anyone about, yes he stinks. However yes the FACTS are that when this team believed it had a shot, Melnyk did indeed spend the money required. So on that matter we have to take him at his word. As for the rebuild??? Holy geez this had to happen more than anything else. I still believe Pageau, Smith, and Boro have to go as well. I'd include Ryan in there but then I'm just being greedy. The culture of this team as Dorion said became bitter. Too many inner squabbles, too many mistakes at the draft table (Cowen, Lazar, Puempel, Noesen, Ceci) had we not flunked on so many of these draft picks, had we gone for skill instead of that blue collar crap one wants to pay outrageous prices to go and see, we would've been in a better position. Yes the owner deserves a lot of the flack no one again is denying that!!! However Dorion and his scouting staff missed far too often at the draft and or the development. We got lucky that some of our later rounders who were not forced to play in the NHL right away, unlike players like Cowen, Ceci, and Lazar who weren't ready for their minutes got wasted. I still say we need to completely remove the whole front office staff, purge anyone still here from the Bryan Murray era. This team needs to be looked at with a clean slate and I don't believe that can be done without purging the whole front office staff. I happen to like what Dorion has done, setting this franchise up to succeed in the next couple of years. But we need a GM who can better judge the team he has. He severely over estimated our team that went 1 goal from the SCF. But to think Bobby Ryan who is an average at best 3rd liner was going to be a point per game player over a full season, or a guy like Pageau was going to have a regular season scoring the equivalent number of big goals he did in the playoffs throughout the course of an entire season, etc just wasn't going to happen. What has to happen and such is the rebuild, landing Brannstrom was a MAJOR coup. The fans just haven't gotten to know this kid and will be excited once he gets acclimated to the NHL game. But with Chabot (Franchise defesneman), Brannstrom (franchise defenseman), DeMelo, Jaros, Lajoie, and JBD the defense has major potential. Sending Lajoie back to the AHL was proof this management staff might be learning from it's mistakes. The forwards like Tkachuk (future elite power forward), White, Batherson, Brown, Chlapik, Norris, Balcers, all look like future top 6 forwards. With one more year of futility this franchise could end up in the position to land one of Lafrenniere, or Byfield. This should be the last straw needed for this rebuild. Factor in the other first rounders and prospects we have like Formenton, Parker Kelly, Tychonic, Gustavsson, Hogburg, Wolanin, & Joel Daccord this franchise should have enough assets to both fill internally, and put packages together to land the top missing pieces this team needs. I think the biggest piece moving forward that we need is a legit #2 defenseman to play alongside Chabot. Brannstrom might be a year away, but god I hope they do not rush the kid. Brannstrom is also a franchise defenseman but if anyone remembers Erik Karlsson's first couple of years many believed they should've made him a forward instead of a defenseman. So Brannstrom will need the same patience. In the mean time a guy like Parayko for me would've been a great investment. Lastly, building a Calder Cup team is where this future core is starting out. Not all of it of course, but future pieces like Brown, Batherson, Lajoie, England, Hogburg, Gustavsson, Brannstrom, Balcers, etc. Build a championship together down there, and then let that tradition build at the NHL level. This is how you rebuild. Not retool like they originally wanted to. Stone, Duchene, and Dzingel forcing the management to HAVE TO DO THIS is probably the best thing this franchise has had happen to it in sometime. But remember this is supposed to be your team and to just not support it tells me the kind of fan you are. If these future stars play in front of crowds only half full why would they want to stay? How would that be ownership's fault? Hate the ownership, go right ahead but don't sabatoge our team in the process because then the fault is ours when our next generation of superstars leave. So come on guys be fans, not critics. Have a say as to what you think is best but still watch and still go to games. Again this is our team, it's just owned by someone else....
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    Off the top my head? Boston 2011, Red Wings 08, Ducks 07, Canes 06. Funny how your little theory went from having a top 5 pick on the roster to having to tank for the top 5 pick on the roster. You know what those tanking teams have in common though? Owners that pay up their stars. Think Pittsburgh wins back to back cups if they don't pay Crosby, Malkin and Letang? Or Chicago with Toews, Kane and Keith? Or LA with Dought, Kopitar, Quick, Carter, etc..? Or Washington with Ovechkin, Backstrom, Holtby, Carlsson, etc..? Won't matter if we get all 5 top 5 picks next year because Melnyk won't spend to keep them. So keep eating out of his hand little sheep. Telling me I have crushes on players cause I'm upset Stone, Duchene, Karlsson, etc were all trading while you sit there sucking off Melnyk. Melnyk and the sens are part of the community on a daily basis here. Easy for you to sit there half way across the country tell us Ottawa people how to cheer for our team or how to suck it up with Melnyk and to blindly support his every move when all you need to do is turn off the tv or close a website and your life goes on unchanged. Come here and buy season tickets or hell even a 1/4 season package. Then you can tell me how to cheer for my team. Til then you can fuck off with your degrading shit.
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    Because Ottawa's biggest issue behind Melnyk is coaching which will change next year. And if it doesn't then we'll be the bottom feeders for years to come. Hell even if we finish dead last with a new coach chances are we don't get a top pick. Says our scouting team is amazing while saying we will only win with a top 2 pick.. lol And I could name you 100 times the amount of teams that had top 5 picks on their roster that didn't win the Cup than teams that won it with top 5 picks, what's your point? Hell we had Duchene, Ryan and Tkachuk this year!!! That's 3 top 5 picks OMG!!!! How did we not win the Cup its freaking insane I can't believe it!! And before that we had Phillips, Turris and Ryan! Man how did we not win a Cup with that team either?!?! Damn come to think of it we have never not had a top 5 pick on our roster for the entire lifetime of the Ottawa Senators, yet SHOCKINGLY here we sit with 0 Cups. Insanity! Something must be wrong with your little top 5 picks = Stanley Cup theory.
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    Riddick, We are basically ironing out here opinionated statements. You believe Melnyk is going to spend and I believe he will and probably he will have too. However, I don't believe him for a penny because he wanted to build this team around the best D man in NHL. He with one leg simply took us to conference finals, along with good supporting guys like Turris, Ryan, Methot, MacArthur, Pageau, Phaneuf, Stalberg and Hoffman. I didn't mention a few important guys because they were quiet during the run. This teams culture largely went as stray mainly due to Team Management and coaching staffs. It is their responsibilities to ensure there are proper ethics and governance in an organization. I am personally lost all faith in Melnyk and not interested in his approach to this club because he is basically losing valuable fan base. You want players to be part of a team. Do you know something that Dorion and Duchene have been lying to the public? Duchene about three weeks ago has already notified of him not wanting to be part of a rebuild. I thought he played the card right after Karlsson was traded that he wants to be part of the rebuild. What happened for his change of heart? He wants to be out of this organization and its current culture. We all saw the viral video of players making fun of coaching staffs and strategy. We all know what happened with a married man misbehaving with a young boy in Buffalo. We all saw what Melnyk came out and discussed on the centenary game. We all know the 7th or 8th day the stupid god created Karlsson bullshit. I could keep on going with the lie of not signing Turris, which his wife said it rightfully. Anyhow, let's not talk about Melnyk or this teams past, but hope the future has a purpose for the fans. None of us are rich or milking money but when we spend and travel for a game we want to see Karlsson's, Crosby's, McDavid and OV. At present, we don't have anyone close to it. I don't know about you but if you hear the bullshit from Dorion last evening on TSN1200 then you know these bastards will never learn. Ian Mendis is a class act but Dorion is a scum of the earth. Bastard lies but he can't keep his trachea/larynx steady as a result, we can hear his bullshit.
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    I really hope Edmonton wins the draft lottery so they get first pick overall again. I would love to see the look on the fans in Colorado if that happens since finishing last does not guarantee first pick.
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    Dont forget in a true rebuild the team fires the coach and trades away their starting goalie in Ottawa's case would be Anderson and they haven't done that yet. Once Boucher is fired and Anderson is traded then i will take the rebuild seriously.
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    LOL. Literally the only reason we finished 30th is because we have the worst coach in the NHL. Only reason he's here? Because he is the cheapest option out there. Full rebuild? Why do we need that? To get an elite prospect? Guess what we still dont have our pick! Like I said, all these prospects and picks we got in trading away our team will most likely never replace what he had in Stone/Duchene/Hoffman/Dzingle/Karlsson. Not too mention our top propsects (even after the trades) are still the guys we all ready had in Chabot, White, Tkachuk, Batherson, Brown, Formenton, Jaros, JBD, Gustavsson, Hogberg, etc.. This team had its re tool after trading away Brassard, Phaneuf, etc.. and drafting Tkachuk. Melnyk just saw an oppurtinity to save money and came up with this narrative that sheep like you eat out of his hand. End of the day we still don't have a top pick in the draft aka the most important asset in a "full rebuild" and chances are we won't get one even next year. MelnykOut
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    and the funniest thing about all the angry fans is they are going to be the first ones to get full hard ons for the new players
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    Alright, none of the guys listed above is a generational talent, but let's believe these guys are going to make a difference. I am not a pessimist but I need to see results before making any comments. In 2 years, Brad's contract comes up and we hope Chabot and White also buy into this Team Management philosophy. If we don't improve in the next two seasons, I can see some of the young guys asking to leave. Riddick, you live in Ottawa and can say all you want, but guys who drive over 4 hours (one way) to get there want to see the product on the ice is good. I can watch the same game under my roof, which is what most Sens fans are doing. Fans are wisely saving their money for the most important stuff and watching the game at home. My season with Ottawa is done and am waiting for the playoffs hockey. I have no fucking respect for Melnyk. He basically ruined this team and fans will never forgive him. Dorion is simply doing his dirty work. Honestly, do you think Dorion wants to see Karlsson and Stone leave? Absolutely not, but he has no say over his boss.
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    there is a bunch of teams still in on stone dont worry but it is now being reported the sens and stone have agreed on term and dollars. just need melnyk to sign off on bonus structure.this can still get done if it doesnt he will be traded
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    Like I said this is the very best time to trade Ceci while he has value. The D market is slim and if a team is willing to overpay then we should jump at it. I wonder if we will score a goal tonight
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    By the way Duchene was talking it sounds like he is not ruling out a return to Ottawa July 1. Wouldn't that be something
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    geez I would hope it would be Roslovic, Vesalainen, and a first as well, but we're never going to get that. At best he is a rental, and with that trade the Jets would sweep out pretty much their entire prospect cupboard. This isn't the Senators organization here, they adhere to a certain protocol when making trades. Niku would be on the list because originally it was Morrissey the team wanted, but he is isn't going anywhere. Niku is the next option because he's 22, skates incredibly well, and exactly would be a 2nd pairing defenseman here, something we desperately need, and he is cheap. People we have to remember we're not trading a point per game player who is a bargain and signed long-term. So expectations need to be tempered. If this team actually got Niku, Vesalainen, and the Jet's 1st rounder that would be an incredible haul. As for Abramov, he's 5'9 not 5'11 like Panarin, and he was no 1st overall pick like Pat Kane. He's a kid who struggles to put points up in the AHL, so again expectations need to be tempered. He isn't considered an A-Prospect he is definitely a B prospect at best. Hopefully he amounts to being a contributor, but I think Dorion again is having problems getting what he's asking for and is settling before the well dries up. I think we're going to be disappointed when the haul for Stone comes in. I desperately hope not, as this trade can be franchise altering, but I think we're going to see a modest return and a whole bunch of excuses afterwards.
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    Karlsson, Turris/Duchene, Hoffman and Stone all elite talent in their prime with Tkachuk, White, Chabot, Jaros, Batherson, Brown, Formenton on the up amd up. This team DID NOT NEED A REBUILD. Melnyk needed a rebuild because he'd rather save 30 million on CAP then have a contender. If Melnyk lets Dorion make a move for a goalie (eg Bobrovski) and actually spends money on a real coach (eg Crawford), we'd be up there with Tampa right now. Yea Dorion's getting descent value for our elite players but who gives a shit? All our young guys are going to get their 2nd contracts (2-4 year deals in 1-3 year time). You know where that puts us?? Right at the end of Melnyk "5 year spending near the cap" time period. That means when the Chabots, Tkachuks and Whites of this team need their big boy contract we're right back to this Stone/Duchene/Dzingle shit scenario. Fuck Melnyk and the sheep that believe him #MelnykOut
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    Somebody has stolen 23Sens PW. Is that Melnyk? Dorion is a jackass. Malenyk is a dumster. Tell me honestly which team in NHL trade their players after developing them into NHL stars. Also, tell me which team in NHL trade their caliber players. We traded a true generational superstar and we are in the fringe of moving third best two way forward Sens ever had. I want to know how they are going to hit the floor next season.
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    The sad part is that I read the works of Dzingle in Ottawa. He has been a big help to children with physical challenges. Dumpster owner gives jack shit because the fellow only thinks of his financials. If he can't handle a franchise better sell and leave. I started hating the dumpster and lying GM the very moment both planned traded Turris. I give lots of respect for players giving their time for kids.
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    Funny thing is I think Dzingel is the most likely one to return here. It's an unusual paradox for him. He was the forgotten player amidst the 3 UFA guys, but he has all the tools to be a legit first line winger. His stats have climbed each of the 3 years, he has really good speed and decent hands. He's a guy that everyone will see and not quite be willing to spend on. I think in his case because his career was still projecting up, I wouldn't rule him out coming back here in the summer. I think he knows no one is going to give him a massive contract this summer I think the competition will be too great. But look for him to come back on say a 3-year deal in the summer for roughly what the team offered him this year. The other two I believe are done here for sure, but I think of the three Dzingel might actually be willing to come back in the summer. If they are to get a 1st rounder for him this year and re-sign him for close to the money they just offered him? I think that might be a steal. The other guy who I think will definitely be gone will be Ceci. I don't think the market for defenseman who can play top 4 minutes and I think a team will definitely pay through the nose for a d-man that plays the type of minutes Ceci does. I think this team will be down to the bare bones once this deadline passes. But hopefully we get the right assets to move this team in the right direction. If the deal from the Jets is legit I think that would be my first choice for Stone. Hearing the Isles are also making more of a push as well. Can't see them going too all in because even with Stone does anyone really see this team getting past Tampa, Washington, Boston, or Toronto? I just don't see it, and the cost would definitely set them back in the future. But the Isles do have some interesting prospects to include if they were interested but not sure they would be all in.
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    Cody Ceci as the captain Borowiecki as an Assistant Smith as the other A Chabot is gone. Trust me. He and White will not be here too long. This franchise is toast with clowns like Melnyk and Dorion.
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    Stone wanted 8 years. Stone's agent is also Karlsson too. We don't know what happened in that episode. I will not read too much on Tkachuk unce being his agent too. Dorion offered $10.5M for 5 years or a little less for 6 years. I still believe there can be some room for Melnyk to cave. If Stone has moved on then we can't do anything of it. I wish him well with his decision similar to EK. Tough to see good players leaving our organization. I hope Melnyk sells this franchise and leave. I hope we spend on a good coach for next season.
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    1st, Gurianov and Spezza for Duchene (sign and trade). Spezza comes back and re-signs for a couple years to help mentor White and Brown into top 2 centerman.
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    I dont know about the actual dollar amount but according to Garrioch, the sens offered Stone a 5 or 6 year deal.
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    Duchene camp has told that sign and trade will help both parties. According to Friedman, Nashville is the front runner. I know Sens fans can say anything but Duchene trade, to begin with, was a stupid move. The owner didn't want to give Turris 8 years and at least he should have given him 7 years. He truly wanted to stay and would have cost us no upfront bonus or over $6M. Basically, we lost Turris, Shane Bowers (2016 1st), a highly potential lottery pick in 2019 and 3rd in 2019. WTF? Outright garbage deal by Dorion. He should be fired for this but the dummy still part of this organization. Remember, when Alfie left the organization from his Management position, we should know that this Franchise needs a new owner. Also, Stone rejected the $10.5M deal. Simply because it was NOT creative but was for only 5 years. Stone wants 8 years. Unless we give him the same deal with $10.5M, Sens not going to resign. I agree fully that Stone is a captain and a true leader, unlike EK. We are definitely going to overpay to keep Stone. I am still skeptic that he might jet out too. No one wants to play for Melnyk unless you overpay. Dzingle might resign but he is not worth more than the $5M cap hit for 4 years. Nothing guarantees that Chabot, White, and Tkachuk will stay if we start icing a shitty team. Riddick, sign, and trade of Duchene will fetch us Dobson from Isles. Possibly their 1st pick too, but we are doomed. There is no way we are getting a good value for Duchene.
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    I suspect the team will likely be moving all 3 of these guys now. I think the reality is none of them just want to play here, they have no faith in ownership, and with the chaos that is constantly surrounding this team it makes sense for them to cash out somewhere else. Until this franchise can amount some kind of respectability, all our better players will be angling to get the hell out.