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  2. Whoever they decide as coach has to be someone they are willing to commit to for 5+yrs. You need all these young players learning the same philosophy for a good number of years. I for one like the idea of bringing back Jacques Martin. I agree he struggled in the playoffs, but he was able to grab a young disorganized team and have them start playing the right way. A lot of good young players developed the right way under his guidance as well. He would definitely have the respect of the dressing room, him being a local guy and a piece of the glory days I think the fans would really welcome it. I don't forsee Dorion trying to add anyone big. Unless it is a guy like Duchene who seemed to have the respect from the younger guys in the locker room, if they did bring him back they would likely make him captain. If his leadership qualities are as good as rumoured to be, it would be a great move. Even with Duchene I think we're still a bottom 5 team next season. But this team does need to add a couple of good vets to show the way, and guys like Ryan and Smith aren't those guys for sure. If they could add one top end center like a Duchene so that guys like White and Brown aren't saddled with having to play top line minutes when they aren't ready for it yet. A good veteran defenseman to play on the top pair with Chabot would also help.
  3. I absolutely agree that Boucher is almost always going to have a shelf life. Being liked isn't the be all end all of being a coach. Most players hated playing for Scotty Bowman... But he wins so people tolerated playing for him. I never listed Wolanin because I agree his development was more thanks to Mann, than Boucher. Jaros has been much better, and I won't say anything under Crawford he doesn't have enough games to base anything off of yet. As for Crawford he was my preferred pick for coach when we hired Boucher so I am actually in Crawford's corner. But I stand by my point that the younger kids developed quite well under Boucher. Fans in Edmonton would tell you Puljujarvi, Yakupov, Nurse, Klefbom etc would just develop as well and look how that turned out? Not saying Crawford can't pick up where he left off and like I said I'm okay with the firing. But in terms of his term here, I think he was actually good with the development of the younger players when it became the mandate to progress them. He just couldn't get the results needed, and as you say the message fell on deaf ears after a while. But this isn't all on Boucher, our defense couldn't move the puck and too many vets like Smith, Ryan, Boro... Guys who shouldn't even be regulars in an NHL lineup, at least not a good NHL lineup anyway.
  4. to be fair balcers didnt really start showing how good he can be until after boucher was let go. same with wolanin as for chabot white and tkachuk they would have progressed with a circus monkey opening the gate so i guess that leaves jaros. and even he looks better under crawford taking creativity out might not be the right way to say it. i guess he got the players too routined to a fault. i dont think boucher is a bad coach. i just think he is a very predictable coach and kther teams caught on and boucher did not adapt his system. in fact he punished young players who didnt adhere to it. there has been countless times a sens player could recover a puck but didnt because that would bring them out of their zone defense they were trained tk play. the break out was the same every time. every time. the pp only got more than 1 option in december of this year. until then it was just 1 play. the powerplay break was a complete joke with the drop pass to the point the opposing teams would just sit back there and not even worry about the dman potentially rushing it the entire way boucher has a shelf life. he comes in and brings a system no team plays and it works. then teams catch on and boucher doesnt adapt. then his players get fed up with losing and boucher loses the room then he is fired if you don't think dorion asked stone duchene or dzingel what they thought of boucher on the way out you are only fooling yourself. boucher didnt get a good review i can guarantee that. then dorion watched a game more closely and fired him the very next game
  5. No it was, it's just the bounces disguised his brutal play. re-watch that game and you will see on almost every shift he played he relinquished the puck in his own zone, was he opportunistic? Yes but doesn't change the fact he was beyond brutal overall, he was just fortunate he was on for capitalizing. the 3 assists helps hide the fact he stunk to high heaven, but he did in fact stink to high heaven. As for young players who have played under Boucher the past 2 years give me the name of one of them that hasn't progressed? Chabot? White? Tkachuk? Jaros? Balcers? All are better players than they were at the start of the year or the year previous. I will agree he deserved to be fired but it wasn't for taking creativity out of the game. He pushed for offense, but we are not a team blessed with great mobile puck moving defenseman. He was asked to walk that line of keeping the young guys progressing, and find ways to win. He couldn't find the wins without sacrificing the offense. But you can't deny the kids developed quite well under him, they just weren't finding the results. For that I definitely agree he needed to be let go. But he did well with the mandate of progressing the younger guys. I think most of them are better players because of some of the stuff he taught. He just couldn't find the right mix of offense to defense for this team.
  6. you are guessing luckan carolina and Vancouver are only getting better rangers and kings will add via free agency because they are a desirsble draw edmonton will never be a bottom team as long as draisaitl and mcdavid. they are stuck in mediocrity colorado will not be worst than the sens columbus still has a solid team even if everyone walks florida had a terrible start to the year that is the only reason they arent in the playoffs now so that leaves detroit montreal and anaheim as potential worst teams than the sens. Anaheim will definitely not plan to suck because they are heading into a major rebuild soon and will try to compete until their aging core retires. Detroit is in the same boat as the sens and montreal still has price. so a top 2 pick is a very realistic possibility i really do not want crawford back as the coach next year. right now he is coaching with no pressure what so ever. its an easy job to coach the sens right now
  7. For Sens to be outright bad, we need to keep aging Andy and Condon in NHL. I think we are going to surprise many teams provided Nilsson is signed a year to showcase him with Andy and Hogberg in NHL/AHL split. I think Sens are going to play much better unless we find a coach who is going to rely heavily on Ryan, Smith, Borowiecki & Boedker, then we are going to be dead last. I heard a friend of mine over here calling Quinton Byfield is a legit center. This GTA based player will be a huge addition and I believe it is worth we suck next season to land him. I am not sure but many folks are calling that Duchene might resign over here. This will hurt our chances in drafting within the top 3 next season. 23Sens, I can see Columbus, Montreal, Rangers, Detroit, Florida, and Carolina are all not making the postseason. Montreal might miss this season too. Buffalo and Flyers might improve in the East. In the West, Anaheim, LA, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Colorado are all going to be where they are now. Hawks might make it next season with some young guys developing well. I think Dorion wants to land within top 3, but Eugene might want us to make the postseason. It all depends on who is going to coach us. Obviously, there is a big difference in coaching between Crawford and Boucher. Sens being cheap, we are going to add a young coach or Crawford.
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  9. why would the senators be better next year? they were 2nd last with arguably the 2nd most talented roster they have ever assembled 2 years ago this year and they are dead last this yesr with 3 30 goal scorers. so you think a cap floor team that is 70% under 22 years old is going to not be last? while i agree the sens will be better. who is going to be worst than them? maybe the kings. but they wilm likely go after free agents this summer. the wings? which 3 - 9 are going to be worse than the sens next year?
  10. this is a stupid comment do you know how often a player has broken his hand on a helmet? its not a problem needed to be concerned about. why are you putting words in my mouth i never said fight on a regular basis. i said police themselves. take out the instigator and let the players handle things. you think jarome iginla was concerned about breaking a hand when he fought? players get more amped up watching iginla stick up for a teammate than all of ryan reaves fights combined riddick im aware of the alley oop plays that have been happening but that was not the goal of bouchers system it was to alieve pressure so players could get back into their zones. you can call it whatever you want but he engrained roles into players heads more than any other coach in the league. how many times has a sens dman chased a player into the corner only to let them have the puck so they were not caught out of position. that is coaching not player decision as for smith i guess you skipped the lindberg goal when you were writing this because he literally gets the puck at the sens blueline and skates it all the way down the ice leading to a goal. dont get me wrong there is tons of games to rip on smith. last night was not one of them
  11. Really!!! you want star players to risk breaking their hands on somebodys helmet. There is still a place in the game for an enforcer who can actually play the game. The Leafs will find that out in the playoffs. The Penguins should have never traded Ryan Reaves. No coach in the NHL want their star to fight on a regular basis.
  12. Guys I hope you are not counting on a 1st or 2nd overall pick next year. This team missed that opportunity this year. They will be a better team next year. Picking in the top 10. Still this rebuild is looking good. Ohh and what about that game last night. took great pleasure watching us pummel the Leafs and leaving the HNIC crew in tears.
  13. 23SENS23? Have you not been watching the NHL? That is almost a right of passage done by every team. Have you seen that alliuup pass Tkachuk sent Gaudreau on a few nights ago? Other teams have used that same philosophy. I agree we are forced to do that because we have too many defenseman on the team i.e. Boro, Ceci, Harpur, & Jaros who deftly struggle making a quick pass more than 7 feet away. Hence why Boucher pushed that because geez they have to at least be able to flip the puck blindly to center ice. Boucher tried to give his team the best chance to win, and trying to get consistent crisp solid tape to tape passes from about 4/6 of your defenseman was really too much to ask so he had compensate for that. Those robots as you will call them were in the top 10 in scoring when we had our top end players. Under Boucher, Chabot, White, Tkachuk, Lajoie, and Balcers all had what would be considered a good developmental season under Boucher. Did Boucher have his short comings? For sure, he could not find an equal balance of offense and defense. But can he teach defense? Yes it was what got us to the Conference Finals. Can he teach offense? Well he took a team most thought were going to have a difficult time scoring goals and had us 10th in the league. Our PP climbed big time from last year, it was much improved once he took it on. So yes he can teach offense. However I do believe his tactics have a shelf life, and his ability to mix both offense and defense for him is a struggle. Like some players he couldn't put all the tools together but the know how is there getting done was just too difficult. As for Smith, you are only looking at the stats here big time when in actuality he should've had 0 points because on the shifts he recorded ALL his points on each one of those shifts he had to be bailed out big time by Nilsson for soft lazy work in his own zone that because of the saves Nilsson made allowed Ottawa to go right back down and score. He could've easily been -3 with no points in that game and without the goaltending we got last night that is EXACTLY what would've happened. If you can watch that game over again I will bet money he casually relinquished the puck in our own zone at least once on every shift where he touched the puck in our zone. Not one time did he take control in our zone and on the first attempt make a good play to get it out. He was beyond brutal.
  14. the reason boucher got fired was because the team revolted on him trying to turn them into robots. the sens were the most predictable team in the nhl because of boucher. there are a lot of times smith can get thrown under the bus. but a night where he records 3 assists in a huge win for the sens does not seem like the right time. does he need to be better in his own zone. but so does every single forward and defensemen on the senators. and a lot of it has to do witn the system crawford is trying tk coach them away from that boucher implemented. the constant flipping of the puck out drives me insane
  15. 23SENS23... What seems to get lost on people regarding Wolanin too is his demeanor when talking to the media. There's no I'm just trying to do my best crap, he flat out says, my offensive game has always been there meaning it's always been good enough, his decision making has been great, I like his self confidence and that really gets overlooked. I remember when Karlsson first came up, and he made a few mistakes and everyone who interviewed him believed he was going to say next time he'd do it differently that he learned from his mistakes. But Karlsson never believed he made a mistake he believed he needed to execute his play a little harder/better but he didn't make a mistake. Having that confidence in yourself to know your limitations without a coach setting them for you is what separates the players that can be great from the ones that don't. As for Boucher, I don't think the team played as robots at all. Sure I believe he deserved to get canned, but that was more because he couldn't balance offense with good defense. He had it for about a week and then lost the room. When he was fired, there was rumblings the players weren't too upset about it. I like how the team has looked under Crawford. I really liked Duclair's game, I can't possibly see a scenario where they don't qualify him at the very least. But I think if you give him the right players to play with, and the right coaching scheme, he could definitely be a 50-60 point player in this league for sure. He has a wicked release on his shot. Smith and Ryan are horrible!!! They have to be two of the very softest players in the league in their own zone. Players can say what they want about Smith and what he does in the dressing room, on the ice he's a poor mentor with terrible on-ice habits. I hope we waive him before next season starts because he is exactly what we need to weed out of the lineup. Same goes for Ryan, when you change move your damn feet... when there is a delayed offside, don't skate a big loop to get out... all lazy habits that both of them have each and every game. But Gibbons, Lindburg, Duclair, Wolanin, Nilsson, Tkachuk, & Balcers are the guys lately that I have noticed picked up their games. As for Belleville they made ground on both Utica and Cleveland with a massive game against Utica coming up. Cody Goloubef had a horrendous game and nearly single handedly cost us 2 very important points against a team we had to get the 2 points from. The Brown line when it actually got to play (Sens short handed 11 times) were actually pretty good. Brannstrom was very good, his speed through the neutral zone was very hard for Laval to control. They got the 2 points and it wasn't pretty but as they say, that's the mark of a very good team when you can stink as much as they did tonight and still come away with the needed 2 points. Overall it was a great night!!
  16. this was the sens stanley cup. and they won it. beat the leafs to win the season series it is interesting to see the media slowly turning on the leafs. at the start of the year it was all about the powerhouse leafs now they are being questioned about their lack of defense. whichh is what every non leaf fan knew to begin with. the leafs are in trouble this year and moving forward back to the game. i think this might be the first game of the year where the sens got a solid effort from every player on the team luckan i agree with you about wolanin. i really hope the sens can keep him. he is getting more confident by the game and it was evident tonight with some of his decisions. i also think crawford is letting the players use their creativity and not be robots like boucher did. like i said above i hope his agent doesnt meddle with him being a 3rd pairing guy who gets pp time down in the ahl brannstrom had 3 points and brown had 2 and the shootout winner. there is definitely reasons to be excited about the direction this team is going
  17. Sens win big. As I predicted Sens are going to win against the Blues and Leafs. All the Leafs fans are have made Eugene happy. Almost 80% of Leafs fans. Great character win. Also, Marc Crawford outcoached Babcock. My 3 stars 1) Paarjavi 2) Cody Ceci 3) Duclaire Belleville all tied 5/5. Shoot out starts We gave 5 PP goals for Laval. In the last 2 games, 7 PP goals to Laval in 14 chances. NOT good.
  18. After the 2nd period, Sens lead 4-1 Paarjavi with 2 goals. Gibbons with the other. For Leafs Rielly scores his 20th. Man! we need to work on our PP. Sens missed on three PP chances. We all know the next call will be in favor of Leafs. The 3rd period ahead. Belleville leading 4-3 after 2nd. Laval has scored all their goals on PP, while Sens too scored 3 on our PP. Paul with 2 goals, Chalpik and Rodewald scored for us.
  19. Awesome period by the Sens. Cody Ceci scores a beauty. Veronneau gets his 1st point. Wolanin is making Leafs D look like amateurs. We need to be careful with our end especially our veterans including Tierney looks awful.
  20. He stood for Nick Paul. However, it was boiling down for a fight against Laval D man Sklenicka. Both from the 1st period were going after each other. I think we lost valuable 5 minutes of Batherson on ice. Tonight is an important game. Good of Crawford to go with the hot hand of Nilsson.
  21. luckan how did the batherson fight look live? i like the fact he jumped in for a team mate the nhl needs more of that from the high end guys. it would make players like boro or harpur irrelevant if the stars policed themselves lines at the mornjg skate today were tkachuk-pageau-veronneau balcers-tierney-paajarvi smith-lindberg-ryan duclair-gibbons-boedker white was not out there for the skate. but i woild imagine he replaces paajarvi if he does play wolanin-ceci harpur-demelo boro-jaros
  22. Not sure why it happens but a team that comes off the type of streak the B-Sens just did they always seem to have a week or two where they are a bit of a let down. So hopefully they can get their act together tonight because Laval is a team they should be able to get by easily. I guess the PK was their downfall last night, and from what I gather it looks like Laval got under their skin as well. I read Brannstrom had a great game, he too has a bit of a mean streak which I like. Anyways onto the Leafs tonight. Would really like to see the kids string a couple of wins together. I know the Blues game was boring, but it wasn't a total wash as the Blues are really a much better team than they are getting credit for. Sounds like one of Jaros or Boro will be back, as will Colin White I believe.
  23. Belleville loses in the shoot out. I am not sure why Trent Mann went with Archibald and Tambellini in the shoot out. I thought the coach should have given Abramov a shot at the shoot out. Although he took three dumb penalties, I wouldn't have stopped him from taking the shot. We got a point and tomorrow back again with them. It is only one game, but I didn't see much of depth in Belleville. Chalpik, Rodewald and Abramov line was not bad. Only forwards impressed me were LaBate & Batherson. LaBate and Beaudin scored for us. Belleville defense was good. Hogberg gave two juicy rebounds for Laval to cash in their PP. Paul and Brown had an average game. No Lajoie or Luchuk played. Personally, I will like to see Joseph LaBate in NHL.
  24. There doesn't always have to be 4 forwards on the ice. Hell having Wolanin means you can actually have Chabot and Brannstrom on the same PP. Especially with the way Brannstrom shoots the puck, and with both of them on the ice on the PP, it would really throw a wrench into who is actually going to take the drop and skate through the neutral zone. At the very least it gives them options, and with so many young forwards likely playing big minutes, asking one of them to play the point on the PP is a lot of responsibility to put on young players. So I do honestly think Wolanin might get PP time moving forward. A lot of teams use the 4 forwards because at best they have 1 real dynamic defenseman, I believe we'll have 2 of them which like I said gives us options at the very least. However if he keeps improving his play at the very least as you say, he would definitely make for a very interesting trade chip moving forward. Plus at least for next year, we'll have to see if Brannstrom is ready for top 4 minutes in the NHL. He is definitely undersized, and you can tell he has some maturing physically to do, much like Lajoie, as he is back in the AHL for the rest of this season where he belongs. But he will be a much improved player for the move so long as he does put a little more muscle on. Brannstrom might be in a similar spot next season. It wouldn't be so much an issue if we were a team that could insulate him, as I believe we are in for another rough year, and having him pounded over and over in his own zone next year might not be what's best for his development especially if he's going to be out muscled for the puck in the majority of his puck battles. Wolanin is ahead physically, and having a former NHLer as a pop, he will also be more mentally prepared. Either way, a lot of these young pieces for me look really good, on the cusp of taking the next step. I just hope we have one more rough season in a deep draft, with at least 2 1st round picks that will likely cement the rebuild. Then this will be a team to really watch, and I really look forward to that. This rebuild is something I've been wanting to see for years, but like everyone else didn't want to see the star players we developed leave either. But now that we're here, I am super pumped about the future moving forward, the prospect of moving past mediocrity and back to the good ol days of Division and Conference championships is a possibility.... not just making the playoffs.
  25. is wolanin going to get pp time with chabot and brannstrom in front of him and the sens preference to run 4 forwards. i would love for it to all work out even for a couple years but you got to thibk wolanins agent isnt a fan of these developments
  26. What this game exemplified more than anything is the passing of the torch.... Pageau, Smith, Ceci, & Ryan were beyond brutal, and it's no wonder this team struggles when these guys have been key players for this team the past number of years. Brannstrom is absolutely a keeper. Best play was Brannstrom taking a huge hit to make a play up the boards. He knew it was coming and he took the hit anyways, that for me was the last thing that needed to be checked off the list. Veronneau was one of our better forwards, and is a guy who knows where to go on the ice and gets his shot off quickly. Might have found a decent prospect with him as well. Nilsson was great and got us 2 points we didn't deserve to grab. I agree with the notion Wolanin should stay. However if anyone can remember we had a guy named Brian Pothier many years back who ended up with 30+ points on the bottom pairing and landed him a very nice deal with the Caps afterwards. So as long as the rebuild shapes out the way it's supposed to, there should be minutes for Wolanin to get his points especially on the PP. JBD is shaping up to be a top 4 defenseman for sure, he's not as offense-oriented as Chabot, Brannstrom, or Wolanin but he is a guy that should be capable of 35-40 points a year in his prime, but will be much steadier defensively than the aforementioned. He's just going to need a bit more time, but is definitely a blue chip prospect. But yes a top pairing defenseman for the right side is a must, I mentioned Parayko before but I think the Blues plan on keeping him now that his game has rounded back into form.
  27. luckan i agree i hope wolanin stays. i just think it is going to be tough to keep him. him and his agent have to know he is behind chabot and brannstrom on the depth chart and likely wont maximize his earnings being a bottom pairing guy. on the right side the sens have jaros and JBD already. ideally they add a top end RHD next summer. they will have the picks and prospects to make that trade anyways lets keep this thread about the games. i agree about Saturday a win there would make the season series 2-1-0 for the sens against the leafs and that almost makes this a successful year
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